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Activ Therapy
Hawi, HI 2170
United States

830am to 6PM Monday to Friday

Activ Therapy specialises in physiotherapy, chiropractic & massage therapy in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. Activ Therapy is a team of expert physiotherapists, chiropractors & massage therapists in Sydney with years of professional experience.

Activ Therapy chiropractors, physiotherapists, chiropractors & massage therapists service the suburbs Sans Souci, Moorebank, <a href="">Liverpool</a>, Clemton park, Casula, Bardwell Park, Kingsgrove, Earlwood, Roselands, and more.

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Activ Therapy Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Massage Therapy. Shop 13, 45 Barry Road, Chipping Norton Market Plaza, Chipping Norton NSW 2170. (02) 9726 4491