24 Hour Urgent Care Bushwick

331 Knickerbocker Ave suite 990,
Brooklyn, NY 11237
United States


Urgent care locations provide convenient medical treatment during periods that might otherwise limit our options. If you require medical care after work or on the weekend, you can likely go to an urgent care center to receive it. However, it’s important to note that not all urgent care centers are open 24 hours a day. Many are open on an extended basis and into the evening, but they may not be open late. It’s essential to check a facility’s hours of operation prior to seeking out care to ensure you’re able to choose a facility right off that can accommodate you when you need treatment. Urgent care centers are popping up all over, which makes obtaining convenient medical treatment a reality for many more Americans. That means you’ll probably have several options to choose from. But before you choose the most well-known urgent care center, check to see whether it’s actually the closest to you. Just because someone else you know tends to go there, it doesn’t mean that this center is the most convenient for your needs. There may be another center that’s in closer proximity to your home or your office that can provide the care you need without requiring a longer commute. Call us at (347) 614-5727.
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