3:16 Jewelry & Watch Boutique

1000 North Point Cir
Alpharetta, GA 30022
United States

Monday - Sunday 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

3:16 Shop is able to repair or repair every kind of jewelry or fashion jewelry item, regardless of what the damage is. As the most trusted jewelry, fashion jewelry and precious jewelry experts in Alpharetta We can polish, brighten and polish and repair your precious jewelry back to its original condition. We have more than thirty years of experience, you can rely on our expert jewelry specialist to manage and handle any kind of repair job you require.Our expert jewelry expert has the tools, devices and skills to give your jewelry incredible, amazing, exceptional, and extraordinary repair work, repair service, or repair that it needs. And also, above and beyond to ensure your antique item will be lovingly restored, brought back and recovered for decades to come! From full-service cleaning, cleansing, adjustment, modification, and parts or components that require replacement, repair, or reconstruction we will take care of, look after and maintain your jewelry and then watch it and restore it to its previous glory.At 3:06 Jewelry at Boutique problems of any kind that your watch's quartz has! From fast polishing work to replacements and batteries, from stem and crown repairs, repair work, fixings, as well as full and complete overhaul, we will make your watch back to its original condition and in perfect working order.Repair or replace your precious jewelry and fashion jewelry; we bespoke for you to show off your most distinctive style will last for a lifetime! Our master jeweler is equipped with the latest tools and equipment, as well as experience in all points jewelry, so he can inscribe the most beautiful, lovely, charming and personal messages into any type of piece of jewellery, fashion jewelry, or precious jewelry that you choose to purchase.

Business Email : rayak.79@gmail.com
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