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Looking for a local business? IKEandED.com Directory lists thousands of Local companies, businesses, non-profit organizations, charities and companies that service The United States of America.

To find a business, click on the links below in our directory or use the search space above.

Why should I list my company on this directory?

Return on Investment.

IKEandED.com Business Directory has been helping to promote businesses just like yours for over 13 years now! In that time we've seen countless advertising companies come and go so we understand how important it is for you to advertise your company on a directory that can consistently drive genuine visitors (potential customers) to your website.

At IKEandED.com we have developed a free promotional system which easily allows both individuals and businesses to interact online to buy, promote, and sell goods, services and events locally, statewide, nationally and worldwide!

At IKEandED.com, our goal is for each registered user to be able to control their personal online advertising through the ability to test, edit and change an unlimited number of free online listings until the perfect marketing fit is accomplished.

IKEandED.com’s mission has been to encourage user-friendly online promotions for local communities through customizable, free classified advertisements.

Throughout our growth, one characteristic has remained the same at IKEandED.com: we constantly try to make every registrant feel like they're our number one priority.

At IKEandED.com, we are uniquely-positioned as a versatile marketplace-sales force; through user-friendly, free classifieds, we have our finger on the pulse of the ever-changing online promotional landscape.

Are you looking for effective advertising programs for your next promotional endeavor? Let IKEandED.com be your go-to solution for online advertising, promotion and much more!

IKEandED.com Directory is listed very highly on Google (and other major search engines) for a huge variety of keyword phrases, some of which will relate to your business. Our search engine provides us with over 21,000 visits and 59,000 page views each and every month. That's 21,000 potential customers looking for your business!

Whether you create a Featured Listing at the remarkable introductory price of just $75 a year which guarantees inclusion within 5 days, or you opt for a simple Free Listing.

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How This Site Works

Window Shoppers and Buyers:

  • Do not need to register to search for items.
  • When you find an item you like, click on the “Contact Advertiser” link (under the photo in the listing).
  • An email with your question will be sent to the seller.
  • The seller will contact you and the two of you will deal directly with each other.


Register by entering your email address and creating a password of your choosing.

List Your Item(s) – there are two ways to begin listing your items:

  1. Click on the “Place An Add” link on the home page and log-in, or
  2. Log-in (upper right corner of home page) and click on the “Create a New Listing” link.

Create a Listing:

  1. Select the category you want your item to be listed in and click “next”.
  2. Select a listing plan - Plan #1 is always free - and click “next”.
  3. Enter your listing details – title of listing, description, price, etc…. All boxes with a red circle next to it must be filled out. All other info boxes are optional.
  4. Upload your photo(s):
    • Click on the “Browse” link and that will take you to your computer files. Select the photo you want to put in your listing and double click on it. The photo will start to upload to your listing. Do this for every photo you want to put in your listing. If you make a mistake, delete the photo and upload another photo.
  5. Submit Your Listing: click “Submit Listing” to publish your listing (make it go live), or click “Save As Draft” to save your listing so you can go back and work on it at a later time.
  6. You will receive an email from IKEandED.com thanking you for your listing.

Email Notifications: after your item has been listed:

  • All inquiries regarding your item will be forwarded to you in an email from IKEandED.com We will not share your email address.
  • After that it is your responsibility to contact, and deal with, the inquirer directly - just like you would if you were advertising in your local paper.

Remove Listing:

  • If you sell your item, or
  • If you no longer want it listed on our site, otherwise,
  • Listing will automatically be removed after the listing date expires.

Business Owners: advertise your business or individual items in your inventory.

  • Classified Ad format: list one item or ten items or more in the classified ad format and there is no charge to list any item with Plan #1. Our site is a great way for small business owners to advertise some of their inventory for free.
  • Banner Ad format: if your business has a pre-designed banner advertisement complete with the coding that takes the customer directly to your site, you can place your banner ad on our site for a small fee. The fee depends on the size of your banner. Contact us for pricing.

Retail Shopping: if "brand new" is what you are interested in, we have some wonderful retail store affiliates.

  • Click on the link "Retail Shopping".
  • Select the category of merchandise you are interested in.
  • Select the store's banner and you will be taken directly to that store.
  • Shop away.

Any Questions ?: if you need help navigating our site, listing an item, uploading a photo, or just have a general question or comment: email ikeanded.support@gmail.com