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Abundant Life Organizing Abundant Life Organizing Organizing
Abundant Life Organizing – Professional Organizer
Welcome to Abundant Life Organizing where I can help you make room for the best things in life! I am Kimberly Wolfe, a Professional Organizer serving the organizational needs of those living in the Metro East area of St. Louis. How do you know if you need a Professional Organizer?

Do you frequently spend time searching for lost items in your house? Keys, remotes, wallet, important papers?
Are papers piling higher and higher on your desk and spilling onto other horizontal surfaces?
Do you end up buying new tools for home projects because the mess in the garage consumed the current set you own?
Is putting clothes away like a wrestling match? Maybe even so much so that you don’t put your clothes in the closet or dresser?
Do you struggle to let go of items you know have a purpose but haven’t had time to get to yet?
Have you been lured into purchasing every kitchen gadget advertised but then only used once?
Or are you mostly organized but need a little help with a problem area?
Do you want to put systems in place throughout your home to save you time and money?
We have been blessed by abundance, but after a while that abundance becomes overwhelming. We lose sight of the things that mean the most to us. Let Abundant Life Organizing help solve these problems so that you can reclaim your best blessings – clutter-free spaces, more free time for fun and family, and freedom from the stress of disorganization.

I offer a non-judgmental service, filled with encouragement and positivity. You have no need to be embarrassed to contact me and invite me into your home, because I once fought my own battle against the clutter-bug. Let me help you take control and replace your abundant clutter with abundant blessings!

My Specialties:

Living and Family Rooms
Dining Rooms
Kids Rooms
Play Rooms
Storage Spaces
Entire Home Transformations
Packing and Unpacking a Move
Who I work with:

Families with all ages of children
People with disabilities
The clients I work best with are those willing to see the project through to completion. Clients who are ready make the necessary changes to declutter and organize their home and desire to keep it that way. Families or roommates who are supportive of the clients desire to make the best of their homes.
O Fallon, IL
Welcome to Abundant Life Organizing where I can help you make room for the best things in life!