Cell Phone Repair in Techy Gilroy CA

Techy Gilroy, CA
7150 Camino Arroyo
Gilroy, CA 95020
United States

Mon - Sunday: 10am – 6pm | Wednesday: Close

Cell Phone Repair in Techy Gilroy CA | iPhone Screen Repair, iPad, Tablet, Mac, MacBook, PC, laptop, Computer, TV repair and Data Recovery with Lifetime Warranty!

We all have awkward moments when our hand-eye coordination fails us, and we have no choice but to watch our smartphones fumble to the ground. Techy understands how it feels to see your phone shatter right before your eyes. We have seen all types of impaired electronic devices, from water damages, broken charging ports to cracked screens, and more. You can expect quality screen replacement repair, fixed charging ports, and all other repair services.
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