Gaddes Strategic LLC

Gaddes Strategic LLC
2042 Convent Place
Nashville, TN 37212
United States

We chase Asphalt Parking Lot Repair - asphalt patching, pothole repair, Crack Filling, sealcoating, striping, ADA compliance (handicap stencils) Asphalt Trench Repair - for plumbers and homebuilders, providing metro street patches. We are a few guys who’ve grown up in and offer more than 60 years of experience in concrete, asphalt and dump trucking. All have professional degrees and have served as executives in corporate life but rather enjoy the freedoms and camaraderie that construction trades afford. We differentiate ourselves by being responsive and flexible while focusing mostly on small nuisance jobs that many larger contractors have a hard time getting to. As is common in the paving trades, whereas many contractors price aggressive to get the work and then show up months out (or never show), We price fairly and go get that work completed, understanding the cost of delaying. So, whether it’s saving dollars by repairing trenches to eliminate steel plate costs or completing in an expedited manner to save on financing costs, our goal is to help progress the project and save our partners money.
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