HelloSafe - Comparators that help you make the most out of your money

Montreal, QC

HelloSafe offers insurance comparisons which include explanatory texts, comparisons of the main players as well as price indications. The following products are notably compared through the HelloSafe platform:
- Car insurance products
- Home insurance products
- Health and mutual insurance products
- Travel insurance products

HelloSafe is an international platform that operates in several countries around the world. HelloSafe notably offers its insurance comparisons in Canada, in French and English, as well as in the United Kingdom. This is how HelloSafe sees its role in serving consumers around the world.

HelloSafe is a company that was born from the observation of a lack of transparency in the insurance sector. Indeed, too often the consumer finds himself lost between many illegible offers and very difficult to compare with each other. In fact, insurance companies take the opportunity to charge prices that are sometimes very high, and thus undermine true healthy competition in this sometimes too monopolistic market.

The idea brought by HelloSafe, particularly in Canada, is to bring more fluidity and transparency to the personal insurance market. In this, HelloSafe also sees its role as that of an insurance media, which brings ideas and objective elements to the debate. This is why the company has a team dedicated to writing and distributing studies related to hot news from insurance and the insurance market in general. This sums up the spirit of disruption carried by HelloSafe wherever the business thrives.
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