Holland Law, Probate Litigation

Holland Law, Probate Litigation
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Litigation involving estates, probate law and trusts is very unique. Regular litigating attorneys are usually unfamiliar with trust and probate laws and court procedures. On the other hand, most estate planning attorneys pride themselves on having rarely entered a courtroom. You need someone who is an aggressive and experience probate law litigator who has a keen understanding of probate and trust administration as well as probate court procedures. The probate litigators at Holland Law Group, PLLC now centrally located in Flagstaff, AZ, will aggressively utilize their fine-tuned litigation experience in conjunction with their thorough knowledge of probate and trust laws to provide you with the highest quality litigation representation. In handling litigation cases, we realize that probate litigation often can be emotionally driven. Therefore, through individual attention and a high level of service, our attorneys guide our clients through every step of the litigation process.
Jared Holland

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