Kaneko Hannosuke

1725 Robson St #1
Vancouver, BC V6G 1C9

Thursday 11:30a.m.–2:10p.m., 5–8:10p.m. Friday 11:30a.m.–2:10p.m., 5–8:40p.m. Saturday 11:30a.m.–8:40p.m. Sunday 11:30a.m.–8:10p.m. Monday 11:30a.m.–2:10p.m., 5–8:10p.m. Tuesday 11:30a.m.–2:10p.m., 5–8:10p.m. Wednesday 11:30a.m.–2:10p.m., 5–8:10p.m

Kaneko Hannosuke is a popular Japanese tendon tempura restaurant known for its rice bowls topped with tempura such as conger eel, shrimp, squid, and a soft-boiled egg. They pride themselves on using fresh ingredients and all bowls are made to order. They are an international tempura chain that is famous for authentic Japanese tendon and tempura, with this location on Robson Street, Vancouver, BC being their first branch in British Columbia, Canada. Kaneko Hannosuke served as the second chairman of the Japanese cooking association "Isshin-kai". Kaneko Shinya, Hannosuke's grandson, inherited a recipe book named "Enma-Cho" as a child. After numerous trials and tests, he finally created the signature TENDON, a rice bowl with tempuras on it.
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