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Kevin J. Roach understands how complicated accidents are. Whether it’s a pedestrian accident, a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident, they are almost universally more complicated than they first appear. It is easy to say that an accident occurred but it is much harder to point to the elements present in the situation that caused the accident. Yet if we are going to get a client the compensation they deserve for the personal injuries they suffered, it is our duty to dive headfirst into every little, complicated detail involved in the event that led to their injuries. One way that we handle this is by cultivating a collection of experts whose opinions we can pull on. If a client comes to us looking to bring a medical malpractice suit against their doctor, we know that we have to reach out to the doctors we know. If they suffered a slip and fall then we canvas the area where it occurred to gather enough evidence to prove that those responsible for its upkeep failed in their duty of care. The reason we are able to do what we do, to have the levels of success that we’ve had, is because The Law Offices of Kevin J. Roach, LLC., focuses on an individualized approach. We’re not one of those law firms that is bursting with new clients each and every day. We work with a limited number of victims each year. This isn’t because we’re unpopular. It’s because we want to ensure that each and every client gets the attention they deserve from their attorney. This allows us to offer better service, to get more deeply involved with each of our clients, and, in turn, this has allowed us to get excellent results that honor the suffering our clients have had to face. Law Offices of Kevin J Roach, LLC 7733 Forsyth Boulevard #1100 Clayton, MO 63105 (636) 812-4040.
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