Philadelphia Nanny Network

Philadelphia Nanny Network
Ardmore, PA 19003
United States

Mon-Sun: 6:30am - 10:30pm

Philadelphia Nanny Network has been providing childcare solutions for more than 35 years, helping working parents hire in-home support and helping child care providers find meaningful work.
Since 1985, we’ve matched our clients with vetted childcare providers; traditional nannies and more. We provide unique solutions that fit the needs of each family. Our services include customized childcare that includes newborn care, babysitters, corporate backup care and screening services. We help jobseekers with a wide range of childcare experience to find purposeful work.

Service Offered:
1. Short Term Care: Philadelphia Nanny Network provides short term care for working parents needing an occasional household help or consistent but short term childcare. PNN offers the flexibility to quickly and easily fill the childcare gaps in a family’s care schedule. All caregivers are vetted and employed by PNN for easy access and complete peace of mind.
2. Long Term Care: When needing consistent long term childcare, working parents can turn to Philadelphia Nanny Network to provide carefully vetted nannies or family assistants for hire. For jobs that are steady, at least a 12 month term, job seekers can rely on Philadelphia Nanny Network to land the right job to meet their career needs.
3. Childcare Services: Filling a long term full time or part time position or requiring gap care, working with PNN provides peace of mind knowing that your children are cared for by carefully vetted childcare providers. PNN personally interviews, speaks with references, background checks and provides employment responsibilities to create a dependable support system for working parents to achieve the comfortable work-life balance.
4. Nanny & Babysitter Employment: Nannies and babysitters looking for a job can trust PNN to connect them with first-rate jobs that meet their schedule needs. Offering rewarding jobs in a variety of screened positions, working with PNN means childcare jobseekers can count on assistance during every step of the hiring process.
5. Newborn Specialist: Philadelphia Nanny Network provides caregivers who specialize in caring for newborns. For parents of multiples or those needing to return to work quickly after the birth of a child, newborn specialists offer knowledgeable, specific babycare during a newborn’s first weeks of life.
6. Backup Care: When a childcare backup plan is in place, working parents are reassured that there are no disruptions in childcare or in work productivity. Backup care has a positive impact on both the company and the employee. Philadelphia Nanny Network has been at the forefront of this employee benefit; offering companies the backup care solution for their employees.
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