Seawalls Of Michiana

Seawalls Of Michiana
66130 Emma Lane
Vandalia, MI 49095
United States


Seawalls Of Michiana offers vinyl seawall installation and services. Our mission is to please our customers as much as possible. We accomplish this in various ways: top of the line products; affordable prices; professionalism; commitment. We have the experience it requires to understand what our customers desire, and the dedication it takes to achieve what it is they envision.
We listen to our customers, focusing on your needs, to provide a finished product that is both professional and satisfactory in every possible way.
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When it comes to competitors, our craftsmanship is incomparable. Exceeding customer expectations is part of the foundation we are built upon.
By choosing us, you are guaranteed the lowest price for the quality and installation of our vinyl seawall. You will not be disappointed with the results because we work with you, every step of the way, to confirm that your needs and vision are being met.
The installation process is simple, and is accomplished in a timely manner. We know how imperative and precious your time is. Go forth with the conviction we will complete the job as it is meant to be. As an additional benefit, we will backfill your shoreline with either stone or raked top soil, eliminating the need to contract out another company to complete the job. Being in business for over seventeen years has granted us with experience to recognize and overcome problems from start to finish; leaving you with a beautifully installed and complete product.
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